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Elections have consequences. That's why the Charter Schools Now PAC supports candidates for elected office who share our values - and opposes candidates who don't. With your support, the CSN PAC brings more public charter school allies into government and builds powerful relationships with leaders from both parties.

The opponents of public charter schools are getting louder. We can't sit on the sidelines. It's time for those of us who believe in educational opportunity for all - who truly believe every student can thrive -- to get in the game.

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Texas public charters are preparing students for success in life. But despite this incredible work, charters are under attack from special interests who want to strip them of funding and freedom - and even shut them down.

You can help us stop this. Your voice has more power than you know. Sign up here to join us, and thousands of Texas families, as we fight for educational opportunity. We'll tell you how!

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Find Your Candidates!

Use the Charter Schools Now PAC voter guide to find 2022 election candidates. You can access it at the link above.